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In Casa Fresca we focus on achieving business excellence, our central premise is to support and pursuit the Venezuelan fruit and vegetable sector, making sure our clients receive traditional and organic Venezuelan fruits during their planting and their harvesting. We are continually creating and developing a process for the post-harvesting face to endorse that the treatments at the plant enable the arrival of the fruits to your houses or the processing industry in an optimal, healthy and fresh way.

Casa fresca’s mission is to ensure farmers good commercialization of their product, to their human talent, an excellent work environment with technical and professional growth opportunities, and to their clients the best Venezuelan organic fruits.

Casa Frescas vision is to dedicate all our efforts to enhance the support to the fruit and vegetable production and their human talent, to become an example of national and international commercialization of organic and tropical fruits in South America.


Who We Are

Casa Fresca is a national and international brand that owns its copyrights to Sersculuz Servicios y Suministros Luz c.a, a Venezuelan business founded in 2013, dedicated to the national and international commercialization and export of tropical fruits, cultivated under the highest quality standards of organic fruit and vegetable products, fulfilling the food and security regulations in all the markets we serve and offering our clients exceptional fruits of high quality.

We are specialized in the supply of a wide range of exotic fruits to stores, supermarket chains, hotels, catering services, intermediate industries, and other types of clients, each national and international.

To make sure of it, we count with a technical and professional team highly qualified in agriculture, engineering, national and international commerce, administration, laws, and other areas.

We receive every year a stable and exceptional supply of various fruits of the highest quality, delicious and healthy. Results of a careful selection of the harvest incorporated in our inventory go directly from the producer to our plant where is immediately process, allowing quick shipping to our national and international markets. All of our fruits are produced in Venezuela’s best lands, a tropical paradise located north of South America owning the best flavor in the Caribbean, known for its biological diversity, its big water basins, and the beautiful natural landscapes.

It’s equally essential that Venezuela as a member of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), it encourages organic agriculture and severely restricts the use of transgenic crops, the state fosters the fight against the use of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) considering that not only are they health-damaging for humans but to the environment.

Increasingly more consumers are conscious of the impact the human has over the environment, the reason why Casa Fresca doesn’t a used transgenic in the production of our fruit. We are oriented to contribute significantly in the wellbeing of our client’s health during the consumption of our Venezuelan fruits, thoroughly monitoring and regulating our productive activity, harvest, industrial treatments (In terms of picking the highest quality fruits to achieve our client’s standards), also the cleaning process, the packing, the wrapping, among other processes of our fruits, by the legislation of the Venezuelan state and in affinity to the FAO’s (the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations), the IFOAM’s (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), and the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS’s (Alimentary code) norms.





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