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Avocado Choquette or Smooth Pollock


Avocado Choquette

The Choquette avocado comes from a prominent and vigorous three with a moderately open and extended crown. The fruit is big, weights between 750 to 1400 gm, it’s oval-shaped, compressed on the apex, has a smooth, lustrous skin of a dark green color, the pulp has a creamy, thick texture of a green-yellow color and its filled with 13% of oils of good quality and it retains a loose seed of medium size. The blooming season of the Choquette goes between February and April. Meanwhile, the harvest its produced approximately between October and December. This specimen is one of the most produced in our country, as a result of its delicious fruit, highly valued for its flavor, and exceptional performance in the field.


Smooth Pollock Avocado.

Each the three and the fruit of the Smooth Pollock Avocado are smaller than the Choquette avocado, the fruit weighing between 600 and 1100 gm, oblong-shaped, dark green smooth skin, a thick green-yellow pulp filled with 5% of oils and it retains a loose medium-sized seed. The blooming season goes approximately between November and January and the harvest between July and September. The avocados Smooth Pollock and Choquette are similar to the Pinkerton Avocado when it comes to color and flavor minus the external texture. In Venezuela, the Choquette and Smooth Pollock avocados are mainly produced in the states Lara, Miranda, Merida, Sucre, Vargas, and Yaracuy.


Presentation: Micro corrugated cardboard boxes of
4.5kg con aproximadamente 7 frutos.

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