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Mandarin Dancy



The mandarins produced in Casa Fresca come from Venezuelan lands. They are high-quality fruits with a sweet flavor, juicy, and citric that will make you travel to tropical

South America with its exotic flavor. The fruit of the mandarin has an aspheric shape (rounded and flatten on its poles). The skin is orange-red colored. Shiny, very fragrant, and thinner than an orange’s surface, it’s smooth, and it’s easy to peel it from the pulp. The insides of the mandarin are juicy and orange-colored with wedges that separate easily.

It’s a very fragrant, juicy, and sweet fruit that can be transported and consumed easily in any place. As it was mentioned before, the mandarin has auto fertilizing flowers. The flowers of the Dancy Mandarin are exceptional, they auto sterilize, and they have to be near a source of compatible pollen and a large community of pollinating insects to get a good harvest. The high harvest time and availability of the Dancy mandarin go from November to February. The most similar citric to oranges is cultivated in Venezuela, primarily in the states of Miranda, Trujillo, Tachira, and Merida.


Presentation: micro-corrugated 15-20 Kg cardboard boxes.
15-20 Kg cardboard boxes.

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